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Dorian Singers Dec 22
The Dorian Singers, December 2022

The Dorian Singers are a friendly Felixstowe-based choir who rehearse on Wednesday evenings at Trimley St Martin Primary School. We give two or three concerts a year in aid of local charities, and also hold a number of fund-raising social events.

Our repertoire is extremely varied, encompassing larger choral works as well as madrigals, folk songs, carols, anthems, opera choruses, numbers from Broadway and West End musicals and arrangements of pop songs. You name it – we sing it!

There is no audition, although it would be helpful if you can read music a little and/or have some previous experience of singing in a choir. All music is provided, and our subscription rates are very competitive.

For further information, including details of recent and forthcoming activities, please get in touch.

The Benefits Of Joining A Choir

  • Reduces Stress

The stress relieving benefits of singing in a choir have been widely recognized. Research has shown that group singing increases the oxygen level in the blood and triggers the release of hormone oxytocin, which is associated with happy feelings and stress relief. Oxytocin also enhances feelings of trust and bonding. Singing releases endorphins as well (those feel good hormones)

  • Boosts Self Esteem And Confidence Level.

Learning something new boosts your confidence and self esteem. Singing in a choir gives you permission to make ‘noise’ as a member of the group and be heard as well. Most people don’t think they would ever perform in front of an audience. This experience attained from being a member of a choir can be life changing. This and much more can help increase your confidence level. Not to mention, it’s a great way to make friends.

  • Improves Your Mental Health

Studies have shown that the mental health of choir singing includes enhanced brain functions. Learning new songs and making new musical memories is a great investment to your brain’s future. Medical experts have shown that musical memories engages broader neural pathways than any other types of memories.

In addition, doctors are now finding out that singers have more circuit connections between the right and left sides of their brain than non-singers. Memorising words (left brain function) and music (right brain function), could keep those nerves cells and synapses in excellent working order.

  • Enhances Your Immune System

Studies show that one hour of group singing can significantly lower the stress hormone Cortisol, and boost a person’s immune system to fight off excess bad bacteria.

  • Aerobics And Toning.

Did you know that a proper singing session is a very wonderful workout for the lungs? The actions of warming up and deep breath taking during singing equates to that of aerobics exercises, which increases blood flow and releases endorphins. Singing also improves your posture and tones the stomach muscles.

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